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Beginnings are very often hard, requiring the chance for individuals to prove what they are really made of. Becoming a lawyer is not an exception to the rule.

We welcome talented persons wishing to deploy their technical capabilities as they evolve and mature as human beings. Yet, talent is not enough in our view; it takes will, spirit and perseverance to carry on learning and gathering experience, this being the foundation of a true and reliable professional.

We bank on knowledge and continued learning inspires our path, thus our team members are offered a flexible working formula allowing them to take part in specialisation courses whilst complying with their professional duties. In our firm every member is not only invited to, but also called upon, to put forward fresh ideas and opinions, helping the group to improve and develop by the day. Active participation in projects is guaranteed, along with real exposure to cases from the start, with the aim of developing from the very beginning a deep sense of responsibility for one’s work and a thorough dedication to the client’s interests.

Likewise, lawyers, paralegals and staff are requested to work in teams, for we believe that team work is the most powerful tool for providing on time comprehensive analysis and wide-angle solutions; not only that, it allows for the delivery of a seamless service to the client and helps individuals to leave aside fruitless pride in the pursuance of a common goal.

Training programs are available for foreign lawyers, graduates or law students, wishing to gain an insight into court practice, as well as the particularities of legislation and jurisdiction, whilst having the opportunity to improve their language skills in a multilingual environment.

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